Episode 188

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23rd Feb 2021

Video Strategy 101 (Part 7) Production

In this episode of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast I’m sharing Part 7 of my special 7-part mini series called Video Strategy 101. We’re going to be talking about the final element for an effective online video strategy  which is… production.

The final element to consider as part of an effective online video strategy is the actual production of the content.  As a video producer, it may surprise you to hear me say that this really should be the last thing to consider when defining how online video content can best reach a market and achieve a goal for a business. Too often video producers, (and often the business owners as well) get hung up on aspects of production such as which cameras or software to use, where to film content or whether to use a green screen or not. What should be done, however, is to first define the audience, goals, the content plan, the distribution and promotion strategy, how is success going to be measured and then (and only then) it should be discussed how you are actually going to film and edit the desired content.

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Ben Amos

Ben is a passionate online video strategist, entrepreneur, video producer, speaker and educator working with savvy brands across Australia and the world to connect them to their ideal audiences through effective online video marketing. He is the Owner and Creative Director of Innovate Media, an online video strategy and production agency based out of the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

As host of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast, and creator of the Online Video Strategy Blueprint Ben’s mission is to help other creatives, marketers, entrepreneurs and video producers better understand how to attract, engage and convert audiences online with video.

At the heart of it all, Ben believes that effective online video content has strategy at its core. As content producers, marketers or business owners we must rise up against the ‘avalanche of average’ video content surrounding digital audiences today and deploy video strategically, deliberately and creatively across platforms for maximum results.

Behind this, Ben’s a proud Dad of two daughters, a family guy and an adventurous Aussie who loves building sandcastles with his kids at any of the beautiful beaches of his home town on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.