Episode 238

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17th Mar 2022

How to Add Human Connection to Digital Communication with Tim Schmoyer and Josh Little

Here’s the thing, people make connections with people - not text. And for any business that is built around a team, community, or serving an audience making those connections easier, and more human is critical. So, the question is then, why is so much of our digital communication done through text? As humans we’re simply more ourselves, face to face, so why can’t that be the norm online?

Tim is an absolute legend in the world of YouTube strategy helping his clients organically earn over 15 billion views and 61 million subscribers. He has been featured by Fox, Forbes, BBC and even YouTube. 

Josh Little is a teacher turned serial tech entrepreneur with quite a track record–two exits in the first five years, four successful tech companies, and now hundreds of millions of users.  He’s currently on a mission to bring more connection and community in the world with his latest product, Volley–a video messaging app.

In this episode we cover:

  • The downside Tim sees in communicating via email, slack, and zoom. 
  • What changed when he first discovered Volley, and asynchronous video messaging.
  • What problem is Volley setting out to fix?
  • A description of the platform, and how people are using it.
  • The challenges that come up when teams or communities adopt video in this way.
  • Why is this way of communicating better.
  • How Tim sees Volley making a difference in his business moving forward.
  • Is now a ‘perfect storm’ kind of situation that makes Volley a no-brainer? (pandemic, shift to remote teams, acceptance of video comms, desire for human connection)
  • For business owners (not creators or coaches), what opportunity is there for Volley?
  • What’s the roadmap? What’s coming down the line for Volley and why should listeners jump in now?
  • Where people can get started with Volley to get more comfortable.

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